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User administration for Organisation administrators

Note that you must be an Organisation Admin to make changes to your account, media definitions, users, and access.

As Organisation Admin of your company’s account and the FIAM Kits and Kits Explorer reporting tools, you are responsible for access control as well as for making sure that no unapproved changes are made to the measurement set up on your account.

If you are new to the FIAM Measurement and in the process of onboarding the platform, reach out to FIAM Support to set up your admin user.

Once we have created your new admin user you will receive an invitation email. Accepting this email will grant you access to your UserReport account and the FIAM reporting tools.

With an Organisation Admin user role you can:

  • Create Kits Reports
  • Create Kits Explorer Reports
  • Control user access and create new users
  • Control media, media title, section and media title section definitions
  • Make changes to your account, your measurement and the reporting hierarchy

In the following, you will find a brief guide on how to login to and how to control user access to your accounts.

We ask that you do not make any changes to the Media settings in your account, as this can result in breaking your FIAM Measurement.

Media Settings are found in your Media tab.

Be very mindful when you navigate your account not to make any accidental or unapproved changes on this tab.

How to log in?

You log in to your UserReport account through

Here you select the UserReport Account from your list of accounts.

How to control user access?

From the account navigation in the top right corner, select 'Manage accounts and users':

From here you can add new users by navigating the Users tab, and selecting + Invite to invite new users:

Type in the email address of the user that you would like to invite to your account, and make sure to select View Only from the list of user roles, to grant the users access to Kits & Kits Explorer Reporting only:

Use the View Only user access to ensure that no accidental changes are made to the measurement or your account settings.

Then, select your UserReport account to grant access to the UserReport Kits and Kits Explorer only.

Once you have invited the user, they will receive an invitation email. Accepting the email will grant them access to Kits with View Only User rights, enabling them to create reports, but not make changes to settings or control user access.

From the Users tab, you can manage user roles, including:

  • Changing the users' access to accounts
  • Resending invitation emails
  • Removing users from your organisation

Reach out to us at if you need guidance or have any questions.

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