Who to reach out to and how to get help? AudienceProject contacts and planned sessions

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Whom to contact & how to get help?

If you have any questions or need our help? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We offer email-based support during implementation, and while we have outlined the various inquiries you may have but you can at all times contact us and then we will guide you to the best of our ability.

Please use our official support channel to ensure a fast response: fiam@audienceproject.com

Planned sessions

Bi-weekly Q&A sessions

Every second week we host a virtual meeting / Q&A session. Questions are to be submitted by email beforehand and the meeting is only held if any questions have been received. Please submit your questions no later than one week before the Q&A session via fiam@audienceproject.com and use the header "Q&A Session Questions".

Quarterly Onboarding sessions

Every quarter we host an Onboarding / Kick off-session for new FIAM subscribers. Specific dates will be coordinated with the MMF. Please reach out via fiam@audienceproject.com if you wish to attend this session.

There are real people behind all of this - here is the Team from AudienceProject involved in the day-to-day operation of the FIAM measurement platform:

Christian Starup

Data Scientist

Artem Sheludko

Customer Support Specialist

Mille Clausen

Customer Success Management Assistant

Amalie Schjønning

Head of Customer Success Management

Geert Laier Christensen

VP Data Science

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