How to prepare your account for FIAM measurement

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How to prepare your account for FIAM measurement

As a Publisher, you can onboard, measure, and report several different media entities to the FIAM measurement.

These media entities can be:

  • Websites (including single-page applications)
  • iOS native applications
  • Android native applications
  • Video applications

To begin measuring and reporting your media entities, you must first create the entities in your account and create the reporting hierarchy that you wish to have. You will find an introduction to the FIAM reporting hierarchy here - we recommend reading through this before you begin the preparation of your account.

To prepare your account for Onboarding you should:

  1. Create the Media you wish to measure in your account using this guide.
  2. Create the Media Titles you wish to report in your account using this guide.
    1. Remember to assign "Publication types" and "Content categories" to your Media Titles.
    2. Remember to assign your Media Titles to the Groups you wish to report. To request new Groups, please reach out to us.
  3. Begin your implementation by reading the "Introduction to FIAM implementation article".

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