How to create a new Media Title

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How to create a new Media Title

You must be an Organisation Admin to make changes to your account and media definitions.

Once you have created a set of Media for the websites, iOS-, Android- and video applications you wish to measure, you can start building the Media Titles that you wish to report in the Media Title Toplist and Kits Explorer.

A Media Title consists of a set of Media that make up the same branded media entity. If for instance your news media "New York Times" has both a web, an iOS, and an Android App version, you may group these three entities into one Media Title to make sure you report the total Reach of those three versions as one Media Title.

For information and definitions of what can or cannot be included in a Media Title, we kindly refer to the MMF guidelines.

To create a new Media Title, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Media tab of your UserReport account. Here select + New to create a new Media Title
  1. Next, select and Add the Media(s) you wish to add to your Media Title. A Media Title can consist of multiple Media, but a minimum of one is required:
  1. Fill in the following information:
    1. Define the Media Title name (e.g. "New York Times").
    2. Define Group or Groups (select from the dropdown or request a new Group to be created via Support)
    3. Define Publication Type (select from the dropdown of Publication Types defined by MMF).
      You may add a maximum of two (2) Publication Types per Media Title.
    4. Define Content Labels (select from the dropdown of Content Labels defined by MMF).
      You may add a maximum of two (2) Content Labels per Media Title Section and you may only use Content Labels on the Media Title level if your Media Title has no Media Title Section.
    5. You may add your own labels for your own purposes usable in Account Administration and in Kits (optional).
    6. You may add a Network for your own purposes and reportable in Kits (optional).
  2. Create the Media Title.

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