How to get started with FIAM measurement

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How to get started with FIAM measurement?

If you are a publisher (contributor) who wants to get started with FIAM measurement, please follow the below process and make sure that you have completed the following steps:

  1. Sign the contracts
    Make sure you have a signed commercial agreement with Media Metrics Finland and a signed Measurement Member DPA with AudienceProject.
  2. Share your Publisher information
    Make sure to submit your publisher information specifying your Publisher Group name and the emails of the Organisation Administrators and Regular Users who will need access to the system. Share this information with AudienceProject.
  3. Get access to your account
    Once your Publisher information is submitted, your account will be prepared and you will be granted access. You will receive an invitation link via email that you must accept to get access. You can log in to the AudienceProject platform and your account(s) via
  4. Prepare your account
    Once granted access to your account you can begin creating the media entities that you wish to measure and report on your account. Start by reading the “How to prepare your account for FIAM measurement” article and prepare your Media, Media Titles and Groups.
  5. Start implementation
    When your account has been prepared and the media entities you wish to measure have all been created, you can begin the implementation process - Start by reading the “Introduction to FIAM implementation” article.
  6. Validate the implementation
    When your implementation is ready you must validate it before you can start reporting. Follow the guides in the "How to validate my implementation" article.

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