How to manage Groups in the Grouping Level

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Introduction to the Grouping Level

The grouping level list provides the FIAM publishers to report freely on any combination of their own FIAM-measured entities. The results will include all valid trackpoint results within a given week.

The first public grouping level list will will be published on Thursday, September 21st. The list will include data for week 37 (September 11-17). After the initial launch, the weekly schedule will continue to run for subsequent weeks automatically.
Where do I find the grouping level toplist?

You can find the internal publisher preview in the UserReport interface under Toplists > Grouping level toplist. When published, it will be found as one of the list options at 

How do I create or delete a group?

Publishers cannot create or delete groups, that has to be done by AudienceProject. Please reach out to if you need to create or delete a group.

What is the grouping level publishing schedule?

The grouping level uses the same weekly publishing schedule as the media toplist. A high-level description of the weekly deadlines can be found in this AudienceProject helpdocs article.

How can I check what is included in a grouping toplist entry?

Click the “i” button next to the group name. It will open a list of trackpoints which a group consists of.

How are the grouping level numbers calculated?

The method is exactly the same as for any other FIAM report, but the calculation happens on the combined trackpoints de-duplicated level.

What can be included in a group?

Media Titles, Section Titles can be added to the Groups. The Grouping level is flexible and can for instance be used to identify a group of Media Titles related to other Media Titles with similar topics or based on sales organisations. The grouping level is both internally and externally reported on the Grouping Toplist.

Can I hide a group from the list?

No. If a group is part of the list, it cannot be hidden from the public list. Should you wish to delete a group, please reach out to

How do I add or remove Media Titles / Section Titles from a group?

To add or remove a media or section trackpoint from a group, go the the Media title settings, select Edit:

Next, scroll down to find the Group settings. From the dropdown select the Group you wish to add the Media Title to. You can add multiple.

Remember to Save.

To create a new Media, Section, Media Title or Section, please see the article in the helpdocs:

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