How to validate or invalidate a media?

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How to validate or invalidate a media?

To publish a media entity to the public reports (the FIAM Media Title Toplist, Grouping level Toplist, Publisher Toplist and Kits Explorer competitor comparison) you must first validate the implementation of the measurement solution.

Should you instead wish to remove a media entity from the public reports, you must invalidate it.

In the following, we will take you through how to validate and invalidate a media.

How to validate a media

Once you have verified the deployment of your script as outlined in the guides on this website, and once a full week's worth of data has been collected, you can verify that your page-view count (from Google Analytics or similar web analytics tool deployed on your web properties) matches the number of page views that are being registered by the AudienceProject script, SDK or server-2-server upload.

Note that validating your media will include the media in the public reports.

To validate your media, go to your Media tab, and navigate to your validation overview. From here, press the Validate button to start the validation flow:

  1. Specify the validation period.
  2. Enter the correct page-views count from your analytics software (e.g. Google
    Analytics) for the chosen period (minimum seven days). Remember to use unfiltered pageviews meaning that it should include bot traffic and foreign traffic
  3. The measurement script must not have been altered during this period.
  4. Click Validate — we will compare the analytics number with the one from
    UserReport to check if the implementation is correct.

In the advanced section, you will find the option to define what page views (total or consented only) you compare. Use this option if you do not have access to all, unfiltered (incl. bot traffic and foreign traffic) page views, but only consented ones:

  1. If your page views match within +/- 10% your sites will be validated.
  2. If the discrepancy between the compared page views exceeds +/- 10% on your sites you will see a warning notifying you that validation is not possible.
  3. Once validated, your media will be published. The Media Site that your media is part of will be available on the Toplists and in other public reports.

How to invalidate a media

If you have discovered an issue with the implementation of the measurement solution or the server-2-server data you have sent, if you have noticed a major discrepancy in the impressions in the FIAM measurement compared to what you measure in your web analytics tool, or if an anomaly has been noticed during your weekly review, you should - as soon as possible - invalidate your media to ensure that no incorrect data is published in the public reports.

Note that invalidating your media will remove the media from the public reports.

To invalidate your media, go to your Media tab and navigate to your validation overview. From here, click the invalidate button to start the flow to remove your media from public reports:

  1. Specify the period that you wish to invalidate
  2. If you specify a date range in the past, please note that this will blank out the Page views, reach, frequency and sessions of your media and any of the Media Titles or Groups in which your media is part of the reporting hierarchy.
  3. If you specify a current date range your media will be removed from the public reports until you decide to validate it again.
  4. Click invalidate — we will remove the media from the new public reports. If the media is part of a Media Title with no other validated media, the entire media Title will be removed. If however there are other validated media in the Media Title, the Media Title with the remaining media will not be removed.

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