How to create a new Media

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How to create a new Media 

You must be an Organisation Admin to make changes to your account and media definitions.

As a Publisher, you can onboard, measure and report several different media entities to the FIAM measurement. These media entities can be websites (including single-page applications), native applications (iOS and Android) or video applications. To start measuring your media entities, you must first have created the entities in your account.

Different media entities require different implementations and measurements as measuring page views on a website is not the same as measuring page views on a native iOS- or video application. Therefore you should begin by creating a Media for every website and application that you wish to measure.

To create a new Media, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Media tab of your UserReport account. Here select + New to create a new Media

  1. Next, select what type of Media you wish to create:

  1. Then, follow the steps in the setup wizard:
    1. Define the media name (e.g. "New York Times").
    2. Define domain (e.g.
    3. Select '🇫🇮 Finnish (Finland)' as the language.
    4. Make sure to disable the Survey and Feedback Forum widgets as they are not required for FIAM measurement (Should you wish to run surveys on your media, you can always enable this later on).
      Enabling the survey and feedback widgets means that the survey may go live when you implement the script. Make sure to disable both widgets.
    5. Please disregard the script for implementation. Always use the FIAM-specific script only. You find this in the FIAM implementation instructions on this website.
      Do not use the standard script displayed in the setup wizard as this does not have the FIAM hard-coded consent string.
  2. Complete the setup wizard.

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