Making changes to Media Titles and Section Titles

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Making changes to Media- and Section Titles

It's possible for Publishers to make changes to their Media Titles and Section Titles including adding new media / sections, changing the names and even deleting a Media Titles or Section Titles. To make such changes, simply go to your Media Titles overview and select 'Edit' for the Media Title you wish to edit and you will be able to make changes to your Media Title as well as it's Section Titles:

Some changes you can do on your own from your account, some may require changing or updating your implementation, and some may require approval from the MMF.

Reporting a media trackpoint as part of a media title and as a separate section title.

In certain cases publishers are allowed to report multiple media (such as websites and apps) that belong to the same brand identity as one "media title". For instance a bigger news media may include a weather service or similar that has it's own native app, but belongs to the same brand as the news entity. This way all traffic to both the regular news app as well as the traffic to the weather app is used when estimating the reach of the combined entity (the "media title") - of course taking into account the overlap of users who generate traffic on both.

The publisher can also choose to have the media measured and reported as a "section title" to the "media title". To do so is only possible if the media is measured as both a media and as a section - if that is not already the case, you may need to make changes to your current implementation.

Follow the below steps to (1) remove your media from it's current media title, (2) assign it to the new media title.

Should you additionally wish to report your media as a section title, follow the additional steps to (3) ensure your media is measured as a section, (4) create a new section title and (5) assign your section to the section title.

Adding your Media to a Media Title
  1. Remove the media from current media title

Your media can only belong to one media title at the time which means you must remove it from the current media title before you can assign it to a new one.

From your media title overview locate your media title and select "Edit":

From the setup settings remove your media:

Remember to Save.

  1. Assign the media to the new media title

Now go to the media title to which you want to assign your media. Select "Edit":

From the setup menu, select "+ add media"

And from the drop down, add your media(s):

Remember to Save.

Adding your Media to a Section Title
  1. Ensure your media is measured as a section:

If you wish to have your media reported as a section, you must first ensure that it is also measured as a section and using a section level track point and section ID. If that is not the case already, you must revisit the implementation instructions:

Section implementation on websites

Section implementation on native apps:



React Native

Keep in mind! If you want the entire media to be reported as a section, and not just a subset, you must ensure that your implementation covers all traffic.

  1. Create new section title:

To create a new section title, go to your media title overview and go to the "Edit" menu for the media title:

Under Setup / Media title sections select "+" to add a new section title:

Give your section title a name and remember to Save.

  1. Assign the section to the new section title

From the setup menu, add your section by selecting "+Add section":

From the dropdown, select the section.

Remember to Save.

If your Media and Section have not yet been validated, remember that you must validate the implementation to submit your entities to the Public Reports.

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